Bible Time Warp

Self-Study Notes on Bible History

The World of Genesis

There is agreement among Biblical and secular historians that civilizations started in the Ancient Near East specifically in areas within modern Iran, Iraq and Egypt

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The Mystery of the Nephilims

Who were the Nephilims? Were they the offspring of angels and human women or are they the mighty men?

The First Generation – Adam to Lamech

The First Murder Case in History

The first legal defense was “am I my brother’s keeper?”

The Fall of the Deceived

In the ancient world there is no reference to the beginnings of sin. There is no mention of a point when man was close to God and then because of sin, the standing of man with God deteriorated. Only in the Bible where you can find this truth.

God and Human Dignity

Adam names the animals. This is an act of authority over them. There is also no other ancient source which depicts the creation of women. Only the Bible.

The Creation of Man – What is True and what is not?

The belief of the Ancient Near East about creation and what God is telling them.

Sun and Moon

God answers the questions of the Ancient people and modern man.

The Sovereign God Separates the Sky, the Sea and the Land

This is another act of separation to show the Sovereignty of God.

God Creates Time

God created, named and separated light and darkness. Naming and separating things was done as a matter of sovereignty or control. God is the Sovereign of the universe.

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