Historical Background on the Book of Genesis

  • Author – Although the events of this book ended more than 300 years before Moses was born, the latter is credited to be the writer of this book.
  • Date of Authorship – This book could have been written during the time of Exodus
  • Custom: Ancient Near Eastern Background
  • There is agreement among Biblical and secular historians that civilizations started in the Ancient Near East specifically in areas within modern Iran, Iraq and Egypt
  • Dominant Nations or Cultures – Egyptian and Mesopotamian Culture. The Land of Palestine where Israel is situated is between these two lands.
  • Mesopotamia consist of two great cultures
    • Chapters 1-38 – Shows us a lot about Mesopotamian life
    • Southern Mesopotamia – Sumer or Southern Babylon having a township or city state governments.
    • Northern Babylonia – The place is known as Agade or Accad and herein live the Akkadians. Unlike the south, the north existed as a single territory.
    • Everyday Concerns of the Mesopotamian People
      • Creation, genealogies
      • Destructive floods
      • Geography and mapmaking
      • Construction techniques
      • Migrations of peoples
      • Sale and purchase of land
      • Legal customs and procedures
      • Sheepherding and cattle-raising
    • By 2300, Sargon of Akkad will unite Mesopotamia.
  • Egypt was divided into two kingdoms until it was united by Menes in 3,000 BC.
    • Chapters 38-50 – Talks about Egyptian culture


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