Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

  • God created out of nothing or ex nihilo. Anything we create is based on something but God created out of nothing.
  • Christian scholars support the concept that God created in 6 consecutive 24 hour days. The phrase “the evening and the morning” is evidence that these are indeed the days we are familiar with.
  • Christian scholars state that the creation date was not earlier than 10,000 years ago.
  • God is explaining to Moses, the writer of Genesis, that He is the Creator of the Universe. To dispel the different ideas of so-called having different gods in the time of Exodus.
  • Genesis 1:1 also means “When God began to create,”.
  • The Question by Ancient Interpreters
    • They ask questions like if the heavens and the earth are the first things God created?
    • They ask when did God create angels, His throne or even Wisdom
    • Rabbis insisted that God’s Word and wisdom came first
  • The Possible Answer:
    • The NIV Zondervan Study Bible says that the single Hebrew word for “In the beginning” is (bĕrēšît). It is a word that signals the start in a sequence of events.
    • The NIV, Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible however disagrees and says this is more likely refers to just the start of the seven days and not things before it.


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