Genesis 1:2 – God’s Kingdom

What the Ancients Understood when they read this verse?

  • In this part of God’s work, Creation is not yet finished that is why it is called “formless and void”.
  • The earth’s surface is covered in water and no dry land has emerged.
  • The ancients understood the word “deep” in a different way. It is understood as dangerous or a destructive power much like what is said in Job 38:16.
  • In the phrase “Spirit of God”, the word “Spirit” is identical to the word “wind” in the Old and New Testament. The idea here is that the ancients understood this as God hovering and protecting against all potential threats as He begins to create life.
  • Here are some other instances where the word “Spirit” is similar to the word “wind”
    • This variation of the word “wind” is found again when at the time of the Flood (Genesis 8:1),
    • The time the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea (Exodus 14: 21; 15: 8, 10),
    • At the conception of Jesus (Matt 1: 18, 20; Luke 1: 35),
    • The act of coming to God the Father (John 3: 5, 8),
    • The advent of the church at Pentecost (Acts 2: 1– 4, 16– 21).
  • Creation is bringing something to Existence. How does one understood existence?
    • Our modern culture – Existence means when either something is
      • material or having molecules or particles or
      • it is experiential such as time or emotions.
    • Mesopotamian Culture – When something is “named” it comes into existence since a name shows function or role. Example In the Bible, God gives names.
    • Ancient Egypt – Existence when you can differentiate something from another. Example God mentions the functions of His creation.
    • Hebrews – the word for create is (bara) and only God has such power. It talks about existence similar to Mesopotamian culture but this time it gives weight or importance on Who gives and controls the function.
  • The ancient world understood the universe as not a machine but a kingdom.


Twisting the Bible:

  • The Gap Theory – According to the gap theory, verse 1 shows God creating the universe and then in verse 2 the same creation plunged into chaos because Satan was expelled from heaven.
  • They said that this is basis for the millions of years concept of creation or what is now known as the Gap theory.
  • The New Age movement started by the so-called sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, use this as the basis for the idea of Atlantis. They say that in between verses 1 and 2, Atlantis was created. Then sometime within this period, chaos and darkness happened.
  • The spirits of the inhabitants of Atlantis then were incorporated in the bodies of Adam and Eve making every human a former resident of Atlantis.



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