Genesis 1:11-19 – God creates the vegetables, fruits, the sun and the moon.

  • After God creates the vegetables and fruits, He creates the sun and moon. God is the one who produces our food and He doesn’t need the sun to make the plants grow.
  • For 3 days there had been light even without the sun. When God created the sun it brought about weather, it determined the start and end of the day, and enabled man to mark the seasons.
  • God created the two great lights and not some god imagined during ancient times.
  • The creator God was not sun and moon.
  • Beliefs in Egypt
    • The sun god Re – created the world. One of his eyes was Tefnut, the moon god.
    • The god Ptah – also created the world and his two eyes were the moon and the sun.
  • Belief in Mesopotamia
    • The night meant the sun is passing to the netherworld to hell. The god Shamash is the one who helped the oppressed. The Ancients pray to Shamash to mediate between the dead and the living.
  • Belief among the Canaanites
    • Those who practice polytheism (the worship of many gods), calls the sun as the god Shemesh. That is why there are places with names like Beth Shemesh in the Bible.
  • Hebrews
    • Hebrews don’t depict the sun and moon as gods.
  • Twisting Scripture Today: Horoscopes or those who believe that events are controlled by movements by stars or planets.
  • God answers the questions of the Ancient people and modern man.



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