Genesis 3:

  • Name of God – YHWH – Yahweh – Jehovah – The Existing One
  • Satan – identified by the Apostle John as Satan in (Rev 12: 9; 20: 2)
  • Satan wants to convince Adam and Eve that God is restricting them from the delights of the Garden of Eden.
  • Eve made a theological mistake with the phrase “you must not touch”. She added to God’s Word.
  • In v. 6 Eve thought of the fruit as delightful and agrees here that Satan was right.
  • Adam has the bigger sin because He heard God’s directive and yet he did not follow but listened to the woman.
  • Ancient Near East – people thought of how to succeed or fail to become a god.
    • Mesopotamia:
      • Gilgamesh Epic -A plant which will rejuvenate Gilgamesh was stolen by a snake
      • Adapa is offered the food of life shaped like a serpent and is known as the guardian of demons in the netherworld
      • Gilgamesh and Adapa failed to achieve immortality because they failed to eat a certain kind of food,.
    • Ancient Egypt:
      • The serpent is known as a symbol of death and wisdom.
      • Ancient Egypt has this idea that they could communicate with animals, especially serpents.
      • Serpents are also known to have a connection with the occult.
      • They have gods which are in the form of serpents.
      • There are seven hundred spells or curses on snakes that are made to guide the dead pharaoh in his journey to the afterlife.
      • Egyptians call on the snake to crawl away or lie down.
      • People in the netherworld eat dust
    • Ancient Israelites:
      • Serpents are associated with life and death
      • Serpents are wise.
      • Serpents are associated with disorder
      • Serpents are known as enemy of God,
    • God especially cursed the physical serpent but God also cursed the rest of creation. But humanity was not cursed. God cursed the soil.
    • 15 is prophecy which curses the spiritual serpent (Satan) for a Savior will come in the future to destroy Satan.
    • 21 – Prophecy – someday a substitute will be needed to redeem man.
    • If man ate from the tree of life he would live forever in a pitiful condition. The act of being driven out of the Garden of Eden is an act of love by God.
    • In the ancient world there is no reference to the beginnings of sin. There is no mention of a point when man was close to God and then because of sin, the standing of man with God deteriorated. Only in the Bible where you can find this truth.
    • Early Theologians: About the God asking Adam “where are You”?
      • God knows everything so He knows where Adam is, This question is actually a threat or properly rephrased as ”what are you going to do now”? “How are you going to handle this situation?” –


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